Brazilian Music in the Elementary School presented by Beatriz Ilari

CMEA Collegiate Council Meeting presented by Dr. John Eros

CMEA Mentorship Program presented by Mark Nicholson

Commissioning Collaborations presented by Keri Butkevich, La Nell Martin, and Lisa Oman

Como Ti Yi Youpy: Teaching Language Arts with Cowboy Songs presented by Richard Lawton

Developing a Dynamic Recorder Program presented by Jim Tinter

Evolution of a Junior High Choir presented by Amanda Isaac

Experiencing Chinese Music and CultureExperiencing Chinese Music and Culture presented by Lily Chen-Hafteck

General Music Jazz Improvisation presented by Jim Tinter

Introduction Composition Concepts for Band and Orchestra presented by Alexander Koops and John Whitener

Mozart to Miles: Teaching Improvisation in the 21st Century presented by Dr. David Hart and Dr. Leslie Hart

Time Management in the Choral Rehearsal presented by Gary Seighman

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Teaching Festival Music Through the Common Core Lens presented by Russ Sperling and Jonathan Grantham

How to Be An Analo-Genius presented by Ria Kubota

Recorder Apprentice presented by Dr. Wendy Barden

Real Men Do Sing! presented by Peg Hutson