Band Handouts

Addressing the 3 Ts of Band - David Betancourt

Creating Committed Musicians: Empowering Students of All Levels Through Artistic Rehearsals-Dr. Karen Fannin, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Renata Bratt-Cello Handout


Choral Handouts

Choral Session Handouts


Collegiate Session Handouts

Build a Sustaining and Thriving NAfME Collegiate Chapter Packet 

CMEA Collegiate Council and Meeting Agenda

The Future of CMEA Collegiate

From Student Teaching to Teaching Setting a Band Program up for Success - Nelson Agregado

Instrumental Conducting For Music Education Students – Mildred Yi


General Music Handouts

Active Roads to Musicianship - Dr. John Eros and Rebecca Poon

Building Community through Social Music Making - Michelle McConkey

Elemental Adventures:  From Wibbleton to Wobbleton - James Harding

Elemental Adventures:  Music of the Spheres - James Harding

Major Mode, Minor Mode, then What - Richard Lawton

Minor Shifts for Major Gains - Patricia O'Herron

More Than Ta Ti-ti and So Mi - the Kodaly Approach to Music Literacy - Diane Geller

Music for Everyone - Alissa Chitwood

The Music Of Lanuguage - Rachael Doudrick

Setting a Better Table - Richard Lawton

Uke On - Kevin Birkbeck


Jazz Handouts

And All That Jazz: Literature That Works for Young Jazz Bands - Lisa Butts & Dan Bryan

Jazz Band is Not Just Another Large Ensemble - Dr. Keith Kelly

Lessons From the Masters - Patrick Langham

Understanding the Modern Rhythm Section - Dr. Anthony Fesmire

Unison Methodologies Applied to Modern Jazz Style - Richard Frank & Chris Stevens


Orchestra Handouts

Tom Tatton-1 Helping Your Adminstrator pg 1

Tom Tatton-2 Helping Your Administrator pg 2

Tom Tatton-3 Articles for Conversation

CODA General Session

Janine Riveire

Scott Krijnen


Professional Development Handouts

CMEA Mentorship Program - Mark Nicholson

Common Core Meets the Concert Hall - Brad Hart

Composition Concepts in Instrumental Ensembles - Alexander Koops & John Whitener

Connecting the Dots Handout - James Sepulvado & John Dally

Creative Programming for Critical Thinking - Ted Allen

National Board Certification - Kim Lundgren & Pauline Crooks

Social Outreach Programs - David Betancourt 

Teaching Music in Urban Schools - Ensemble - Dr. Lawrence Stoffel

Teaching Music in Urban Schools - LCAP-LCFF - Dr. Lawrence Stoffel

The Neurosciences of Music - Diana Hollinger & Jennie Gerlach


Special Learners Handouts

Autism Spectrum Disorders- Updates, Accommodations, Techniques for the Music Education Classroom - Angela Holmes


Technology Handouts

Composing in GarageBand - Sarah Van Dusen

Teaching Music in the Cloud with Music First - Jenny Amaya


World Music Handouts

A Musical and Cultural Journey to Brazil, Canada, China and Kenya - Lily Chen-Hafteck

World Music Focus on Vietnam - Tina Huynh