February 2013

To California Music Educators and Supporters,

On behalf of the California Music Educators Association (CMEA) Board of Directors, I take great pride in introducing you to our new Strategic Plan.  The creation of this plan required untold hours of effort among our board members and our additional participants.  I offer my sincere thanks for their considerable commitment to this process. 


We would not have been able to undertake this work without the generous support of The California Arts Project (TCAP).  We thank the project’s Executive Director, Kristine Alexander, not only for directing resources towards the creation of this plan, but also for the time she spent as a committee participant.

With this plan we have aspired to provide the values, vision, mission, goals and strategies that will move CMEA and music education in California forward.  At this moment in time, with

  • a Governor’s budget that includes an increase in K-12 education funding for the first time in years,
  • the adoption of Common Core State Standards in the Technical Subjects which overlays onto the music curriculum,
  • the re-writing our the national music education standards that could be adopted by our State Board of Education, and
  • a State School Superintendent’s release of his Blueprint for Creative Schools in early 2013,

We are at a significant threshold in our state’s music education history.  Given this dynamic landscape, we believe that this plan will provide an effective roadmap for our cause.

In order to achieve our vision to ensure that all California students have equal access to a first-class education in music, I ask all music educators in California to renew or become a member of their professional association, CMEA, and to work towards supporting this Strategic Plan.  May we all renew our efforts and commitment towards the betterment of California’s children and our shared future as citizens of the Golden State.

Russ Sperling
CMEA President

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