Winter 2012 CMEA Magazine Article

A New Day

By Russ Sperling, President

Many educators in California woke up on November 7th and breathed a sigh of relief, for Proposition 30 had passed.  It seems as though we have finally reached the bottom of the educational budget crisis in California and now we can begin to dig our way out.

As money slowly trickles back in to education over the next several years, we have the opportunity as a profession to position ourselves to make gains in music education for students in California.  We should not assume that these gains will happen by themselves.  I believe very strongly that CMEA must be in the center of advocacy efforts for our profession.

GAMA, the Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association, in conjunction with NAfME National Association for Music Education and NAMM, sponsors workshops that provide guitar training to school music teachers. The program has been in existence for about a decade, we have trained nearly 2000 
teachers to date. GAMA has created a short video which introduces the program and 
details the advantages of becoming involved in classroom guitar.

Music education in the elementary school level is a vital aspect of a successful school’s curriculum.