Technology has completely transformed the way we listen to, purchase, notate, and create music. Most recently, mobile computing devices like the iPad are transforming the entire educational landscape, including music education. The technology section of CMEA provides state conference sessions that focus on technology integration in music education. This webpage also provides links to a variety of resources for music educators and students. Technology continues to advance at an astounding rate; the CMEA technology section serves to keep you well informed of recent developments and how to integrate them into your music classroom.

Free & Nearly Free Internet Resources for Music Educators

Music Theory

Chord Find (chords for keyboard, guitar, & 4-string instruments)

Chord House (chords & scales for keyboard & guitar with audio)

Guitarists Reference (extensive chords & scales for guitar)

Ricci Adams’ (theory lessons, exercises, other resources)

Teoria (music theory website in English & Spanish)


Ear Training

Big Ears (online ear trainer)

Good Ear (multiple choice quiz format ear training)

Interactive Sites for Students & Teaching

BBC Changing Sounds Activity (interactive high & low pitch and volume level instruments)

Dallas Symphony Orchestra DSOKids (engaging games, composers, & instruments)

Interactive Sound Lab (see the shape & hear the sound of different waveforms)


Nashville Symphony Orchestra Teacher Resources

New York Philharmonic Kids Zone

PBS String Thing (interactive string sound production lessons & demos)

San Francisco Symphony Kids Site (interactive & engaging site)

SoundJunction (interactive & varied resource for teachers & students)

Lessons & Instructional Resources

ArtsEdge at the Kennedy Center  (Lessons, How To’s, Standards)

Berklee (free lessons & resources from Berklee College of Music)

Experience Music!

Free Guitar (extensive range of free instructional video lessons)

Harmonic Vision (Music Ace Maestro music education software: Free PDF booklet downloads: Using Music Technology in the Classroom and Guide to Using Technology in the Piano Studio) (wide range of lesson plans by grade level)

Lancaster Symphony Orchestra Educational Resources

Music Tech Teacher (extensive lesson & quiz resources)

Musical Instrument Museum Educator Resources (extensive free video lessons for piano and keyboards)

Roland V-Drums Lessons (free V-Drum video lessons) (ear training & sight singing exercises, lessons, & tutorials)

Virtual Instrument Museum (Instruments from around the world)


Music Notation

Finale NotePad 2012 (Free)

MuseScore (Free WYSIWYG music notation – cross-platform application)

NoteFlight (online music notation – free basic version)

Tux Guitar (multitrack guitar tab editor & player)

Grading & Assessment

JupiterGrades (online grading software with attendance, contact info, seating chart)

SmartMusic (subscription-based interactive performance exercise & assessment)

Music Creating, Recording & Production (MIDI and/or Digital Audio)

Acid Xpress (music creation and mixing software)

Ardour Digital Audio Workstation

Audacity (multitrack audio recording with effects cross-platform application)

Audio Tool (online music creation)

Creating Music (children's online creative music environment)

Frinika (complete music workstation software)

GarageBand (free with all new Macs)

JamStudio (create music online)

Mixcraft 5 (“GarageBand” for the PC)

MU.LAB Free (music studio software)

RiffWorks T4 (easy-to-use guitar recording software)

Traverso DAW (multitrack audio recording and editing)

Music, Video, Podcasts, & CD Burning

iTunes (free download: Mac & Windows)

Print Music Sources

Band Music PDF Library (free downloads in PDF format)

Classical Archives (largest classical site on the Internet)

Choral Public Domain Library (free choral sheet music)

Historic American Sheet Music (19th & early 20th century)

Utilities & More… (free basic PDF fingering charts)

HandBrake (DVD ripping cross platform application)

Metronome Online (free online metronome)

Micro Marching League (online marching band drill design)

Organizations – Technology in Education

ATMI (The Association for Technology in Music Education)

iste NETS (International Society for Technology in Education National Technology Standards)

TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educators)

Free & Very Affordable Apps for Music Educators

*iPod=iPod Touch

Music Education: Theory, Ear Training

Karajan Beginner: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free theory & ear-training)

Karajan Advanced: iPad, iPod, iPhone (theory & ear-training)

Theory Lessons: iPad, iPod, iPhone (music theory lessons)

Tenuto: iPad, iPod, iPhone (theory exercises & trainers)

Nota: iPhone, iPad (music theory tools)

Virtual Instruments

GarageBand: iPad, iPod, iPhone (great set of contemporary instruments)

Wi Orchestra: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free orchestra & concert band instruments)

Pro Keys: iPad, iPod, iPhone (multi-instrumental keyboard)

2in1 Piano HD: iPad, iPod, iPhone (2 studio-quality piano sounds; free)

50in1 Piano HD: iPad, iPod, iPhone (multi-instrumental keyboard)

iAmGuitar: iPad, iPod, iPhone (3 guitar types, strummed chords)

Ratatap Drums: iPad, iPod, iPhone (drum & percussion instruments; free version with ads)

Hand Drums 2.0: iPad, iPod, iPhone (20 different hand drums)

Accordéon: iPad, iPhone, Andriod (classic looking & sounding accordion)

Melody Bell: iPad, iPod, iPhone (handbells)

Zampoña: iPad, iPod, iPhone, andriod (panpipe; free)


Kid Synth: iPad (synthesizer designed for kids; free)

Novation Launchkey: iPad (analog modeling synthesizer; free)

Core Synth HD: iPad (virtual analog monophonic synth; free)

SSSSYNTH: iPad (virtual analog monophonic synth; free)

Magellan: iPad (virtual analog modeling duel-synth)

Korg iKaossilator: iPad, iPod, iPhone (X-Y pad for expressive musical control)

iMini: iPad (classic Minimoog synthesizer recreation)

Animoog 2.0: iPad (professional synth, X/Y space control)

Thor for iPad: iPad (iPad version of Reason’s massive Thor synthesizer)

Music Notation

Notion: iPad (notation editor & studio-quality playback)

Symphony Pro: iPad (versatile notation & playback)

Progression: iPad (guitar tab & standard notation)

Guitar Pro: iPad, iPod, iPhone (guitar tab notation)

Music Production & Recording

JamPad: iPad (4 track digital jamming machine for the iPad; free)

GarageBand: iPad (multi-track recording with virtual instruments)

FourTrack: iPad, iPod, iPhone (multitrack audio recorder)

Music Studio: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free lite version)

Effects Processors

AmpKit: iPad, iPod, iPhone (guitar amp & effects studio; free)

Amplitude for iPad: iPad (guitar/bass, multi-effects processor)

StompBox: iPad (effects unit, guitar tuner, metronome, loop recording)

Music Readers

Finale SongBook: iPad (free; displays Finale & PDF files)

Avid Scorch: iPad (interactive Sibelius scores)

ForScore: iPad (PDF format, annotate, setlists, rearrange pages, add bookmarks)

GigBook 2.0: iPad (PDF format, powerful organizing features)

iReal b: iPad, iPod, iPhone (interactive chord charts, rhythm section accompaniment)

My Lyric Book: iPad, iPod, iPhone (song lyrics library, setlists)

Practice Aids, Lessons

Recorder Master: iPad 2 or later (game-like recorder lessons; free)

E-Guitar HD: iPad (folk, blues, & jazz guitar lessons)

Slow Down Music Trainer: iPad, iPod, iPhone (slow down or speed up audio playback without changing the pitch)

SmartMusic: iPad (free, but requires subscription; practice & assessment)

Resource Guides & Libraries

Fingering for iPad: iPad (interactive fingerings for brass & woodwinds)

Fingering Strings: iPad (Interactive fingerings for orchestral stringed instruments)

Instruments in Reach Basic: iPad, iPod, iPhone (fingerings for wind instruments)

Guitar Chord Basic: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free; basic guitar chords)

All Guitar Chords: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free; guitar chords & scales)

SweetWords: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free music tech dictionary)

The History of Jazz: iPad (an interactive timeline)

Sound Uncovered: iPad (free; an interactive book)

The Guitar Collection–George Harrison: iPad (detailed history of his guitars)



A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro: iPad (tuner, metronome, glossaries & more)

Pro Metronome: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free)

Visual Metronome: iPad, iPod, iPhone (large visual display)

TonalEnergy Tuner: iPad, iPod, iPhone (multi-feature tuner, metronome…)

ClearTune: iPad, iPod, iPhone (chromatic tuner)

iStroboSoft: iPad, iPod, iPhone (tuner, 1/10th cent accuracy)

Decibel 10th: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free dB sound level meter)

Audio Tool: iPad, iPod, iPhone (pro-level audio test & acoustical analysis)

Remote Control

DAW Remote HD: iPad (full wireless control of digital audio workstations)

iRig MIDI Recorder: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free; requires iRig MIDI interface)

iP Touch for Logic Pro: iPad (for Apple’s Logic Pro DAW)

VLC Remote–for VLC Media Player: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free version has ads & fewer features)

Presentation, Productivity, Administration, General Utilities

Prezi for iPad: iPad (free presentation app)

Keynote: iPad, iPod, iPhone (presentation app)

Pages: iPad, iPod, iPhone (word processor)

Attendance2: iPad, iPod, iPhone (flexible, easy-to-use attendance app)

GradeBook Pro: iPad, iPod, iPhone (complete classroom management tool)

Flashlight o: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free; flashlight & compass)

iBooks: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free; e-book reader & library)

iTunes U: iPad, iPod, iPhone (free)

Printer Pro: iPad (print iPad documents over wireless network)

Hearing Loss Simulator: iPad (simulates the sound for various levels of hearing loss)

Calculator Pro for iPad: iPad (free version has pop-up ads)

Multi Measures HD: iPad (metronome, dB meter, timer, stop watch…)