General Music provides students a foundation of musical knowledge from which all areas of music can be studied.  General Music introduces and explores diverse cultures and styles of music while developing musical skills of reading/writing, singing, playing, performing, moving, composing/improvising, and listening.  The development of musical skills combined with an understanding of the musical concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expressive elements contribute to a lifelong understanding and aesthetic valuing of music.

General Music Resources in California

California Alliance for Arts Education

Pasadena, CA  http://www.

The California Arts Project

Cal State University San Bernardino:

California Kodaly Resources

Holy Names University, Oakland, CA:

Kodaly Association of Southern CA:

California Orff Chapters

Inland Empire Orff Chapter:

Los Angeles Orff Chapter:

Northern California Orff Chapter:

Orange County Orff Chapter:

San Diego Orff Chapter:


CA State Department Support for the Arts 

Visual & PerformingArts - California DepartmentofEducation › Curriculum & Instruction

National Association for Music Education

National Association for Music Education:


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