Musician Instructor (Adaptive Dance Program)

Part Time

Segerstrom Center for the Arts believes deeply in making art accessible to everyone. The new Adaptive Dance program will create an inclusive community giving children with disabilities the chance to enjoy dance alongside friends.
This program will run 45 minute to hour long classes and workshops at Segerstrom Center and throughout Orange County. We are passionate about providing an inclusive, fun and rich dance experience for children by making dance accessible to all, regardless of ability. We ensure that all children can experience both the physical benefits of movement and socializing with friends.
The musician will be a critical member of the teaching team. We envision a time for our students to interact directly with the musician. Furthermore, we recognize the scientific benefit of exposing children to live vs. recorded music. Given the nature of our classes, we encourage musicians of all styles and types of instruments to apply.
Musician Responsibilities:
  • Providing accompaniment to support dance in class;
  • Using music to support engagement and class participation;
  • Supporting students’ development of rhythm and musicality;
  • Making accommodations to ensure each student’s needs are met;
  • Adjusting music to the needs of students and teachers;
  • Communicating with other teaching artists, volunteers, and staff to ensure cohesive instruction;
  • Contributing to evaluation and measurement of classes when needed; and
  • Undertaking any other tasks or duties that may reasonably be required in relation to the role.


  • The ideal musician has a special touch in both disposition and experience.  Most importantly, the musician should possess the following:
  • A demonstrated sensitivity to students with disabilities and diverse backgrounds;
  • A great capacity for patience;
  • A compassion for those with different skill sets; and
  • An adaptive frame of mind.

Next, their Experience and/or Education will include the following in part or in whole:

  • Experience and comfort in accompanying a ballet or dance class;
  • Education in teaching music;
  • Experience in managing the personality range that can come in a classroom setting; and
  • Specific experience with differently abled children.

Please visit or email for more information.