Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access are embedded in the mission, vision, and values of CMEA.
CMEA promotes equitable practices for all stakeholders within the music education community.


The California Music Educators Association (CMEA) is a Federated unit of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). Membership is open to all music educators working in public and private schools, colleges, and universities in California. The purposes of the association are: to promote access to a sequential standards-based music education for all Pre K through Grade 12 students taught by fully qualified music educators; to support new and improve existing music programs; to promote quality pre-service and in-service teacher preparation programs; and, to create a greater awareness of the value of music education through partnerships with other associations and advocacy among state and local agencies.


The California Music Educators Association’s vision is to ensure that all California students have equal access to high quality music instruction as part of a well-rounded education.


The California Music Educators Association’s mission is multi-faceted, providing:

COMMUNICATION – Clearly articulated, accurate, and timely communication with California’s music educators and other Stakeholders;

ADVOCACY – Systematic and relationship-driven advocacy for music education in Sacramento and at local levels to provide equal access to a sequential, comprehensive music education;

LEADERSHIP – Forward-thinking leadership in California music education activities that promote the highest professional standards in the nation; and

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES – Service to membership through professional development, festivals, mentorship, and other educational activities that promote music education.



We believe that music is for all of California’s diverse students. Students must have access to an equitable, inclusive opportunity to learn and participate in the joy and power that music education brings. It is through our diverse instructional approaches that we can provide experiences that aid in uplifting the human spirit and fostering the well-being of society. Music education provides students with learning in creativity, literacy, and life skills.


We believe that music education must provide opportunities for all students to develop not only their music-making skills, but their abilities to create and to respond to music as well.


We believe that a well-trained music educator who meets the highest professional standards and integrity is critical to providing students with a comprehensive, balanced and sequential program of music. A professional is engaged and committed to rigorous teaching, dedication of time, advocacy, and service.


We believe that strong partnerships with other statewide and regional music education organizations, arts educators and like-minded groups, parents, families, communities, and other stakeholders are essential for organizational and student success. We believe we are individually and organizationally strengthened by working together to promote music, music education and policies that build a better society for all.


We believe in individually and collectively taking all practical and appropriate action to achieve the stated goals of the organization.