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Stand Up 4 Arts Education Day 2024

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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Music Education Advocacy in Action

Stand Up 4 Music grew out of a need to strengthen music education in California. The leaders in The California Arts Project, TCAP, and California Association of Music Education, CMEA, convened an historic meeting of the many California professional music education organizations to surface common concerns around the equity and access of music education for all students within California. Out of this summit grew the idea to gather the many supporters of music education into a coalition of Californians who advocate for music as a vital part of a comprehensive education. Stand Up 4 Music provides a collective voice for the many who believe that music education is an essential and powerful learning experience.

  • The CMEA Advocacy Team meets weekly with our lobbyist where we vigilantly support legislation that furthers our cause.
  • Leaders of CMEA, CAEA (California Art Education Association), CDEA (California Dance Educators Association), and CETA (California Educational Theatre Association) constitute the 4 Arts Ed Orgs (4AEO), who meet monthly to work together to advocate for arts education in California.
  • The Stand Up 4 Music Coalition – a powerful coalition of over a dozen state-wide and regional music education organizations and industry partners – meets in Anaheim each January to prioritize advocacy issues and then implements Stand Up 4 Music Day annually, where we visit the State Capitol, meet directly with legislators, have student ensembles from across the state perform on the Capitol steps, and put on a noontime press conference.
  • CMEA is a member of the California Alliance for Arts Education (CAAE) Policy Council, which meets biannually. This council includes the Create CA coalition and other well-funded arts advocacy groups.

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