The California Music Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 California Nonprofit Public Benefit corporation that supports charitable and educational efforts to promote quality music instruction for the children and adults of California. The Foundation activities include, but are not limited to:
Supporting annual and semi-annual professional development for music educators through conferences and workshops; Providing scholarship support for students and educators to improve their musical skills and knowledge by attending conferences, workshops and summer camps; Recognizing excellence in music education through awards to educators; Developing professional development materials to enhance the instructional expertise of music educators in the field; Educating young people about the benefits of a career in music education; Supporting programs to enrich existing music education programs and to assist the development of music education programs in schools and communities that lack such opportunities; Developing materials that explain the benefits of music education in the process of human development; and Communicating the value of an education in music via appropriate media venues.

The Foundation is governed by the Executive Board of the California Music Educators Association.  The California Music Education Foundation can be contacted at:

The California Music Education Foundation · c/o CMEA · PO Box 359 · Hanford, CA 93232

Telephone: 559-904-2002 · Email: