CMEA Magazine Publication Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to California Music Educators Association magazine.


The CMEA Magazine is not specifically a research journal, although submissions should be based in professional literature. Articles should be written in a straightforward, conversational style that avoids unnecessary jargon, technical language, and excessive reliance on long quotations from other sources. The main text of manuscripts should be no more than 5 pages and/or 1200 words in length, excluding an abstract and references. Text should be presented in 12-point font, double-spaced, and should follow the APA Manual: 7th Edition.

Music examples, figures, photographs, and other digital media content must be checked for accuracy before submission. If any copyrighted materials are used, please provide documentation verifying that the author has permission to use the content. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to publish any author-submitted photographs or illustrations, and written permission to CMEA of a parent or guardian of any minor pictured is needed before such images are published. Please do not embed digital media directly into manuscripts; provide content as attachments with your submission.

Submission of a manuscript implies commitment to publish in the CMEA magazine. Please state in your correspondence that the material has not been published elsewhere in substantially similar form or with similar content. Articles should address the needs of the music educators who read the magazine and should not have been previously published elsewhere. Authors should avoid personal asides that are not relevant to the primary topic, as well as content that promotes a person, performing group, institution, or product.

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